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Why Digital Learning is best?

The trends in education keep on upgrading with time to improve the quality and mode of education people get. It started under the shade of trees then reached to traditional classes and now digital learning has become a major part of it. 21st century is all about technology, it has taken over all the fields. Digital learning or e- learning is also a boon of this century to the world.

What is Digital Learning or e- learning?

Digital learning or e-learning is an educational process that takes place over internet. It is the fastest growing educational trend worldwide. Digital learning is type of distance learning that takes place over a distance and not in a traditional classroom. It is said that, Future of education lies in embracing online education.

Why Digital Education is the best?

• Education have several purposes and online courses makes it possible to fulfill all of them.

• About 33 percent of college students are taking at least one course online, according to a survey by the Babson Survey Research Group.

• Online Education is certainly the more effective option of education for students than any other, and it’s also better for environment. The Open University in Britain have found that Online learning needs 90% less energy and around 83% less emissions of CO2 per student than in personal traditional courses.

• Online Learning courses are very preplanned. Hence, it save students time and provide them enough time to practice and revise the course by providing practice sheets and quizzes.

• There are various types of Online Courses, so you get various options in it and you can choose one that suits your needs.

• Online Learning courses are far more convenient to students than any other mode of learning.

Today, Digital Learning is taking over all the fields and making it possible for the students to choose and learn their favourite courses from their favourite institution even at distance of seven seas. Some even say that online learning is the revolution in the world of education as it provides multiple other opportunities to traditional learners.

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