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Economics is an inseparable part of any country as it gives the blueprint to work within certain limitations to achieve the desires and needs of common man.Economics is the study of how all the producers use scarce resources to produce useful commodities and distribute them among different people / sectors of the economy. Economics is an important subject because of the relation between scarcity of resources and the desire for efficiency. The subject covers all the aspects and understanding of how economy functions. In class 12 Economics, we will learn Indian Economics and Macroeconomics

Introduction to Class XII Economics

Have you felt that Class XII Economics is hard to understand sometimes? Vidhi Budhiraja is here to explain everything in simple words so that you can have a better understanding of this topic.
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Macro Economics is the study of how an overall economy (market) operates on a large scale (it behaves). Macro Economics is that branch of economics which deals with the structure, performance, behaviour and decision-making of the whole or aggregate economy. It studies the various aspects such as inflation, general price level, unemployment, national income, GDP, Balance of payment. It also studies how banks functions in creating money within economy. It helps in evaluating growth of an economy. It evaluates the budget provided by the government so that it fulfils the objective of welfare of people. It measures how well an economy is performing, to understand what forces drive it and to project how performance can improve.

In Indian Economics students will learn how economy develops after independence and improves the standard of living, state of agriculture, human capital formation, GDP etc. India is one of the fastest growing economy and is expected to be one of the most powerful country in the world. With an improvement in the economic scenario, there have been investments across various sectors of the economy.


The students are expected to develop the sense and knowledge of using the Indian Economic Development and Macroeconomics  concepts so that they can be applied in all exams conducted by CBSE and day to day routine activities.

The students will be provided with E-books (containing theory, short notes, solved questions, self practice questions, diagrams), good quality videos. Live weekly doubt sessions and also the test at the end of every topic with an

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