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Remember the Time...

Remember the time when you were waiting for a new member of the family. When someone was kicking from inside. It was a feeling that cannot be expressed... a feeling of nervousness mixed with excitement to have your baby in your hands. Experiencing every movement, hearing every kick, counting every day...

Finally, the day arrived...

Finally, the day arrived when your little one was in a rush to be with you. Moments of pain and panic, moments of a palpitating heart, the uncertainties, the prayers, the excitement to hear the good news... And finally, the arrival of a long-awaited one, your little baby with their first cry. It tinkled your ears like the warm sound of temple bells. The moments of delight when you carried the baby in your hands. The time when everyone was celebrating...

What went wrong?

But what has happened now. Although you arranged the best for your child, the best education, the best clothes, and the best amenities, you can afford, yet the gap between the family members is increasing. The child is not at all listening to you. Academic performances are degraded. Your child remains irritated and angry, and the mobile screen is engulfing their life.

What can be Done...

A slight shift in approach can change the whole life. Holistic parenting is needed to cultivate a happy family and develop bright and responsible children. The Holistic parenting program is a revolutionary yet simple concept, which is given in three levels.

The programs that actually works

Holistic Parenting Palan

Level I :  PALAN

₹21993 ₹ 9999

Holistic Parenting Poshan


₹44999 ₹ 14999

Holistic Parenting Purti

Level III :  PURTI

₹18999 ₹ 8999 Per module

Holistic Parenting Palan

Holistic Parenting is the most Fastest and Effective way to:

  • Learn methodology of upbringing successful children

  • Increase Joy, respect & peace in your family

  • Cultivate self controlled kids

  • To make self-start kids and not kick-start kids

  • Improve communication within family

  • Develop Problem-solvers and not Problem-creators

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and misbehaviour

  • Reduce arguing, bickering or fighting

  • Stop yelling, nagging and punishing children

  • Stop the fights amongst siblings

  • Control foul language in children

  • Learn how to make them cooperative and help in household chores

All the 6 Modules + 3 Months Holistic Meetups of PALAN worth

 ₹ 21,993   in Just

₹ 9,999

Your Mentor

I am Sri Narayani, a Chartered Accountant, a spiritualist and a Parenting Coach. I am the founder and CEO of OTU and Currently serving as the Principal of Bhaktivedanta Gurukul and International School. I have a mission of making 1 million happy families and bright and responsible children and therefore I have created a Holistic Parenting course and community.

I was a topper throughout my academic life. I bagged the National Talent search award and topped the Hindu College of Delhi University. After clearing Chartered Accountancy and Civil Service examination, I chose the teaching profession out of my passion. I taught and mentored more than 52,000 students, made more than 15,000 Chartered Accountants. I got the honour of being an author of 32 books.

CA Sonu Gupta Mam

Life was running happy and successful but in 2012, a tragedy left me alone with my three kids; unsecured, depressed, and fearful. It was a complete turmoil and a painful situation. Three children of three different age groups and three different worlds, needed my attention equally when I was also struggling to give them good amenities, good education, values, confidence, and freedom. I then understood that my life has given me a new subject for mastery: Parenting.

I studied overnights, struggled to make my boys better and compassionate humans. Now, all the three are doing wonderful in their respective fields. They are loving, caring and have become my strength.

Utilising all the studies that I have done and utilising all the experiences which I have earned with my own children, the school and teaching and mentoring 52,000 students, Now, I am here to share, guide, and transform your Life. And that’s my mission…

What the parents says...

Bhawna Dhawan

Rajesh & Rajni Thukral Sonotek

Archana Bhagat

We have got some great news for you.

Sri Narayani Ma’am is coming up with a Live Online Workshop on 

                        How to make Your Child cooperative

15 - 16 Jan, 2022

Sat - Sun 4.00 - 5.00 PM

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