Second Heading

Knowledge is as pure and effective as the source imparting it. One can find a lot of general study material of all most all the subjects and specialisations out on the internet. However, no matter how vast and how deep the material is, it is almost all the very scattered, inarticulate and hard to piece together. Here at OTU, we wish to provide you with industry-standard knowledge which is well structured and systematic in its approach so that you can learn without an internal uncertainty. The faculty members here at OTU are bonafide authorities of their own subjects with years of experience in their respective industries.


Second Heading

At OTU, our intentions are to improve lives through learning. That implies taking up some new skills to make advancement in your career and sometimes it’s as simple as realizing a lifelong passion. To support you through this endeavour, we’ve put together a collection of free topics in our learning marketplace. For accessing the free topic, you just need to be logged in to the website and you can easily access the free topic. To diversify and help our students learn more, we have decided to change the free topics list every 2 months i.e. every 2 months, there will be new topics that you can access for free while the old ones go behind their usual payment system. This way you can keep learning and developing yourself further. We also provide some free resources on our Resource page that are accessible to everyone. Resources include updated syllabus, date sheet, free books, articles, youtube videos, etc.



Second Heading

Document your educational journey with us. Authenticate your hard work with the certificate of each topic you study because knowledge gives confidence and authenticity gives authority.
The certificates are proof of your achievements and your commitment to improvise. These will provide you with the legibility booster you need to kickstart your portfolio. We will provide a beautiful certificate with the signature of the founder for the competition of your topic. After you purchase the topic, you can work towards procuring the certificate. To get the certificate of completion, you need to watch the complete video content provided in the topic and score a minimum of 50% in the topic test. After the criteria are fulfilled, you will be eligible to download your certificate from ____. You can show us this certificate professionally i.e. you can attach the certificate in your CV and portfolio or post it on various social media platforms. This will authenticate your authority over the subject and raise your stature.


Second Heading

 We provide professional topics that are built carefully according to the industry standards. The satisfaction and understanding of our students is our top priority. We provide additional resources, e -books , free videos etc. to help boost the knowledge and the overall experience. Students can ask their doubts directly to the teachers via forums and if needed they can schedule live doubt sessions. However if the student is still unsatisfied , he/she is eligible to request a refund in 7 days of purchase.