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The Ideal Java Course – Foundation

Learn to write Java code with confidence

Java is the most popular, widely used, and in-demand programming language in the world.

It’s used in
⇒ 90% of fortune 500 company websites,
⇒ most big banks and financial companies,
⇒ almost all Android apps,
⇒ and much more…
But despite its popularity, there is a lot of bad info, Dozens of myths, misconceptions, bad advice, and downright poor tutorials about Java.
That’s why I’ve designed this course with:

No fluff.
No sloppy programming or shortcuts.
No over-complicated descriptions.
Just Java, explained clearly from the basics to the advanced concepts.
By the end of this course…
You’ll be able to:
⇒ Write Java code with confidence
⇒ Get ready to learn how to develop mobile or web apps with Java
⇒ Write clean code like a pro
What You’l Learn…
⇒ Fundamentals of programming
⇒ Variables and types
⇒ Control flow
⇒ Debugging Java applications
⇒ Classes and interfaces
⇒ Object-oriented programming
⇒ Exception handling
⇒ Generics
⇒ Collections framework
⇒ Lambda expressions
⇒ Functional interfaces
⇒ Streams
⇒ Multi-threading
⇒ Asynchronous programming
⇒ Deployment
⇒ And much, much more!
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