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Money and Banking


Money is anything which is generally accepted as a medium of exchange, measure of value, store of value and means for standard of deferred payments.

Money is a basic requirement for every person so that he can earn a livelihood. 

Banks are major institution which can help every individual or company or even the government so that he can do efficient and fuller utilisation of money.

In the topic , student will be able to understand :

  • Meaning and concept of money supply
  • Credit Creation
  • The meaning of Central bank and its functions.
  • explanation regarding quantitative and qualitative techniques of credit control.
  • Difference between Central Bank and Commercial Banks

This topic  is very important in the practical life


  1. OTU provides you the classes in best quality with attached E-book  containing all relevant theory, short notes, solved questions, self practice questions, diagrams, quiz and tests
  2. While making your own notes, do not forget to note down all the formulas and flowcharts which will be given in class by the teacher. These formulas and flowcharts will act like a backbone while revising the whole chapter.
  3. The classes cover explanations of all relevant concepts and practical examples from day to day life for deep understanding.
  4. Content of the class will cover the entire syllabus based on the guidelines issued by CBSE for class XII under 10 + 2 pattern of Senior School Certificate Examination.
  5. Also, do not avoid giving the test for this topic. This will help to assess your expertise level in the topic.


The methodology used by Vidhi Budhiraja Mam is very friendly and layman based which brings conceptual clarity. Her notes will help you to revise the topic very comfortably. The student will be able to understand the topic comprehensively. He will be able to solve all type of numerical and theoretical questions very easily.

Vidhi Budhiraja is a renowned CBSE Economics teacher, with 17 years of teaching experience. She is Honoured with best teachers award and fab teachers award. Her unique teaching style has made many difficult topics and concept very easy to learn.
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Money and Banking