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Cash Flow Statement & Accounting Standard -3 (FFS.CFS)

Understanding cash flow statements without understanding its basic concept of Funds flow, is merely a process of mugging up. Know the concepts and analysis of Funds flow and Cash flow Statements in depth. The concepts are explained along with 120 adjustments divided in 20 major headings. This will cover all the adjustments comprehensively.  
CA Sonu Gupta mam is also giving a unique strategy of solving the questions easily, flawlessly and that too in half the time as compared to other students. She is using the technique of using mid-brain activation. OTU provides you the classes in best quality with attached E-book containing 18 questions solved in class and 21 solved questions for your self practice .

CA Sonu Gupta is a renowned Chartered Accountant, Educator, Humanitarian and a famous author since 1996 of teaching experience. Her unique teaching style has made many difficult topics and concept very easy to learn.
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Cash Flow Statement & Accounting Standard -3 (FFS.CFS) E-Book

Cash Flow Statement & Accounting Standard -3 (FFS.CFS) E-Notes

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