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Cost Bookkeeping (Integrated & Nonintegrated Accounts)


Accounts of costing are deeper than one think of. Both Integrated and non-integrated cost book keeping methods are taught with easy approach to understand the entries. Don’t mug up…. Its easy…. It just require a systematic understanding of concepts and the understanding of concepts of making the entries.


  1. OTU provides you the classes in best quality with attached E-book containing all relevant theory, 3 comprehensive questions that will be solved in class and 6 solved questions for your self practice.
  2. Moreover, you will be provided with E-Notes which is the notes that has been written during the class.
  3. While making your own notes, do not forget to prepare PTR page within each chapter, which will be given in class by the teacher. These PTR will act like a backbone while revising the whole chapter.
  4. Content of the class will cover the entire variety comprehensively including the study material and the previous examination papers.
  5. Also, do not avoid giving the test for this topic. This will help to assess your expertise level in the topic.


The student will be able to understand the topic comprehensively. He will be able to solve all type of questions very easily. The methodology used by CA Sonu Gupta Mam is very systematic and so the student will find it very easy to draft entries on his own. Her notes will help you to revise the topic very comfortably.

CA Sonu Gupta is a renowned Chartered Accountant, Educator, Humanitarian and a famous author since 1996 of teaching experience. Her unique teaching style has made many difficult topics and concept very easy to learn.
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Basic of Cost Accounting E-Book

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