About us

About Us

OTU is a student-friendly digital classes platform which gives student flexibility to take their classes anytime & anywhere


OTU has a mission to empower mankind with quality education and reach even the unreachable.


OTU’s vision is to bring innovations in learning process and use technology to provide formal education and skill enhancement programs.

CA Sonu Gupta – CEO

Ankush Goyal – CTO

Our Motivation

We understand that leading a simple life is not as simple as it sounds. And not everyone is privileged enough to have the opportunity to live it. Some of us go through years and years of education, hard work and rejection before we can achieve it, and to have the chance to do so is also a privilege. There are many children out there who cannot study because their families cannot afford it and because they lend an earning hand that cannot be compromised for education. Then there are the adults, who wish they could have studied more because now they realize how much it could have broadened their horizons.
Think about that one thing, that one subject, that you always wanted to master, or that profession that you wish could have pursued. Not everything you want to learn can be learned since our everyday lives do not allow us that much time. But what if, you could learn in those little moments you had to yourself? Our lives are far from simple, and to go on with vigor and determination, learning should never stop under any circumstance.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

A good teacher in your lifetime, defines who you are and how you think…

sonu gupta

CA Sonu Gupta (B.Sc, CA)

You can win, if you want..
If you want, You will win..
With hard work, you will see..
Life is more than fantasy..

Ankush Goyal(MCA)

We donot have to be good at everything, Just excel one thing in life to be great…

vidhi mam

Vidhi Buddhiraja (M.Com,MBA)

As the name suggests Vidhi Budhiraja is a person who believes in karma only. She believes to practice and hard work.

Deepak Kumar (M.Com, CWA(F))

Teaching is not just my profession, its my passion…

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